Aprilaire Humidifiers Recommended Cleaning

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Aprilaire humidifiers should be properly maintained to provide maximum functioning. A buildup of deposits in the water supply lines can lead to uneven distribution of water and possible leaking as the water reservoir can become full and overflow out of the unit. Aprilaire humidifiers should be inspected and cleaned at the beginning of the heating season and at least once during the heating season to ensure proper operation.


Prepare to Clean

A few tools and supplies are required to clean an Aprilaire humidifier. Use a small, stiff toothbrush to remove scale and any mineral deposits on the water panel, in the water lines and on the distribution tray. The manufacturer recommends vinegar to help loosen deposits for easy removal.


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Turn off the water supply by following the water line until you reach a valve. Turn the bypass damper to the "Summer" position. Disconnect the power supply by unplugging the unit from the power source. If the unit is hardwired into a power supply, turn the breaker to the power supply off during cleaning.


Remove the cover with both hands by pressing in on the tabs and carefully pulling the cover from the unit. The cover should remove easily, without force. Readjust your position on the tabs until the cover easily pulls off the unit; do not force it, or you may break the tabs that hold the cover on the unit.


Clean the Aprilaire Humidifier

Inspect the plastic feed tube for cracks or other wear. Replace if there are any visible signs of deterioration such as holes or if the tube is brittle. Replace the water panel annually. If scale or deposits build up on the water panel, replace as needed, depending on minerals in your water supply. Remove mineral deposits on the distribution tray with a stiff toothbrush. Be careful to remove the debris from the unit, and prevent the debris from covering holes and blocking water flow to the water panel. Inspect the drain line for damage such as brittle tubing or holes. Replace the drain line if there is obvious deterioration to the drain tube. Inspect floats and the float chamber, and clean mineral desposits as needed.


Reassemble the Aprilaire humidifier and replace the cover. Turn power on to the unit and turn on the water supply. Move the bypass damper to "Winter" or operating position. Test operation by monitoring during a heating cycle. Watch for water leaking from the unit and watch the feed tube to be sure there is water flow to the humidifier.



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