Square Knitting Loom Instructions

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If you're interested in learning how to knit, loom knitting is one of the easiest methods available. To become a well-rounded knitter, it is important to learn how to knit on both round and square knitting looms. Many people start out on round looms, but square knitting looms are just as easy to use. Once you know how to use a square loom, you'll be able to teach yourself more techniques and patterns. Plus, the instructions for a square loom work well for rectangular looms too.


Casting On

Make a slipknot and anchor your yarn to the first peg of your loom. On a square knitting loom, also referred to as a knitting board, the peg number order goes back and forth from one side of the loom to the other. So, peg 1 is directly across from peg 2 and so on.


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Making Stitches

After you have put your slipknot loop on peg 1, you will go across the loom to peg 2 with your working yarn. To wrap peg 2, take your working yarn around the outside of peg 2 and then directly across to the outside of peg 3. Each peg will only be half-wrapped rather than having an actual loop.


Keep going back and forth, wrapping the yarn around every other peg until you get to the end of the loom. Then reverse direction, going back and wrapping the pegs that were not wrapped the first time. Go back and fourth from one end of the loom to the other until you have two strands of yarn on each peg.


When you have two strands on each peg, use your pick tool to lift the bottom strand on each peg over the top, off the peg. Keep repeating these steps until your work reaches the desired length.

Binding Off

When you are ready to bind off your knitting, make sure you have just one loop on each peg. Cut your working yarn, leaving a 6-inch tail. Using a crochet hook, pick up the loops on pegs 1, 2 and 3. Pull loop 3 through loops 1 and 2 so you have just 1 loop left on your crochet hook. Then pick up the loops on pegs 4 and 5 and pull loop 5 through loops 4 and 3.


Continue this pattern until you have just 1 loop left on your crochet hook. Use the tail from your working yarn and pull it through the last loop to make a knot. Weave the tail into the side of your piece.


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