Church Valentine's Party Games

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Church Valentine's Party Games

Valentine's Day is a perfect occasion for your church group to have a party. You will want the party to tie into the religious themes of your curriculum. Consider putting a religious twist on traditional party games, which is a great way to engage the kids during the party while continuing to educate them.


Word Scramble

Put a Valentine's twist on a traditional game. Give each person a cutout heart. Write the words "Jesus loves me" on the board. Tell the kids that they need to come up with as many words relating to Valentine's Day or church as they can. Each word must be at least three letters. Set a timer for an allotted time, like three to five minutes. When the time is up, have everyone count how many words they have written. Give a candy prize to the person with the most words.


Video of the Day

Bible Scripture

Before the Valentine's party, tell the kids ahead of time that they need to memorize a scripture that has the word "love" in it. On the day of the party, have the kids sit in a circle. Each person will recite his scripture from memory, then tell the class what it means to him or how it relates to his life as a Christian. Reward students who can recite the entire scripture with a chocolate heart.


You can change it up a little by having the kids write the scripture down instead of reciting it. They can create a Valentine with their scripture. You can have a contest by choosing the best Valentine.

Bible Bingo

Play Bible bingo using words relating to Valentine's Day. You can make bingo cards or download premade cards from Internet sites (see References below). Pass out heart candies to use as bingo chips. Fill the cards out with words like "love," "charity," "faith," "blessing," etc.


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