DIY Scented Oil Refills

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Scented oil plug-ins are aroma-releasing devices that are plugged directly into a wall outlet. When the oil heats up or, in the case of Glade, is diffused by vibration, the scent of the oil is released. If you use scented oil plug-ins to keep your home smelling great, you know that replacement oil bulbs for these plug-ins can be expensive. If you replace the units regularly, the expense of maintaining your great-smelling home can add up. If you want to save money, you can refill your oil bulbs for a fraction of the cost of buying new ones.


Preparing the Bulb

Due to the number of companies manufacturing plug-in oil devices, there are a variety of styles of oil bulbs on the market. Some of the bulbs are very simple and already have a small opening at the top. This opening can be used to fill the bulb. In order to fill the bulb through this small hole, you will need a funnel with very small tube or a syringe with a narrow needle.

Other bulbs can be filled by removing the top. The tops of some of these bulbs can simply be pulled off. Most of these bulbs can be taken apart, though each bulb is taken apart a little differently. More difficult bulbs may require some prying. If a bulb looks like it should open, but it isn't coming apart by pulling, try to jimmy it with a knife. Slide the knife between the base of the bulb and the top piece and slowly pry at the cap until it pops off.


Bottles of Scented Oil

Scented oil is not only available in the form of oil bulbs. Bottles of scented oil, or fragrance oil, can be found at a variety of retail stores, including craft stores and grocery stores. The cost of scented oil in bottles is usually much lower than the cost of plug-in oil replacement bulbs, though it is the same type of oil that is used in the bulbs originally. Depending on what type of bulb you are refilling, you can either pour the oil into the bulb using a funnel or use a syringe to inject the oil.


Essential Oils

Many of the scented oils used in oil bulbs and sold in bottles contain chemicals. When these fragrance oils release their scent into the air, they also release their chemicals. Essential oils, however, are not made with chemicals, but are natural oils that are made from plants. These oils are actually more expensive than the oil refill bulbs used in plug-ins, but since essential oils are chemical-free, they are a healthful option for those people who are trying to avoid unnecessary exposure to chemicals.