America's Got Talent Party Decorating Ideas

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America's Got Talent is a talent show featuring David Hasselhoff, Sharon Osbourne and Piers Morgan as judges. Talent acts include singers, dancers, comedians, dance troupes, ventriloquists and more. Winners receive a million dollar prize and a chance for exposure to entertainment establishments all over the country. An America's Got Talent party can be a celebration of talent and fun for any age of party guest and for any occasion.



Invite your guests to the party with their own "ticket" to Las Vegas, where the finalists for the show are flown. Begin the party outside the party venue with a red carpet for your stars to walk down. Add a blue shimmering curtain for a photo opportunity. Red, white and blue stars are the theme for the party. Balloons, printed with stars, filled with helium and gathered in bunches or left loose on the ceiling with trailing ribbons add atmosphere. Novelty light strings in small plastic flags or mini lighted buntings really add to the Americana decor. Use an overhead projector or ELMO projector, a device that can project an opaque image, to draw a large America's Got Talent Logo on a sheet or butcher paper for a wall decoration.


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Games and Activities

Make one of your decorations into a party activity. Provide a table, covered with a blue tablecloth, and three chairs. Ask three friends or parents to be the judges. Give the judges cards with large x's and checks on them for contestants to move onto a final round. More functional decoration ideas can include a "backstage" area with tables, hair supplies, cosmetics and make-up mirrors for contestants to prepare for their turn or a green room for contestants to relax.


Food Ideas

Decorate the food table to fit the party theme. Most entertainment companies provide a kraft, also spelled craft, service table for the actors, extras and film personnel. Make this an extension of your TV show theme by covering large tables with white sheets or table clothes. Add red, white and blue bunting and set out kraft service style food. These tables usually include bagels, veggie platters, muffins or doughnuts and popcorn. Drinks can be set on a separate table with ice and cups as well as hot water for hot chocolate or instant soups. A kraft service table will really make your stars feel they are in the big time.


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