Sweet 16 Birthday Ideas for Girls

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a girl's sixteenth birthday is a milestone
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A girl's Sweet 16 is by far the most important milestone in a teenager's life. The event marks the transition from child to young adult, and every girl would love to commemorate this time in her life with a great party. When planning a Sweet 16 birthday party, make sure to always have the honoree in mind. Choosing ideas for a Sweet 16 can be as easy as asking the honoree what she wants. If you still have difficulty coming up with ideas, don't worry. Here are a few Sweet 16 birthday ideas for girls.


A Super Birthday Party

celebrate away from home
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A Sweet 16 is a big milestone in a young girl's life and it should be celebrated in a big way. If you have the means, hosting an extravagant sweet 16 birthday party can create lasting memories for the honoree and her guests. The best way to have a Sweet 16 birthday is to have it somewhere away from the home. Rent a venue and decorate it with her favorite colors. Pick a theme and ask everyone invited to dress according to that theme. Surprise her with her favorite cake and possibly a performer. During the party, have a photographer take pictures of the honoree and her friends. When the party is over, distribute party favors to all of the guests. Giving her the opportunity to see how many people love her and admire her is a memory she will never forget.


Spa Day

treat her to a spa day with her pals
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Every young girl likes to feel grown up once in a while. Treat her to a day at the spa for her birthday. Make it a girls' day out and invite some of her friends. Have a party in the spa by giving the birthday girl and her friends special manicures and pedicures. To make it a day she will never forget, get permission from the spa to bring in her favorite cake. To give the birthday girl a feeling of being a young adult, have a makeup artist from the spa give her a makeup lesson. To end the day on a memorable note, hand out goodies bags with nail polish and makeup inside.


Shopping Spree

let the birthday girl go shopping with friends
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Every girl loves to shop and giving a shopping spree as a birthday gift is a great idea. Take the birthday girl to her favorite store and have an entire day of shopping. When preparing for the shopping spree, set a limit; give her the opportunity to pick out her favorite items within your price range. If you can take her friends along, do so. Many girls like to share this experience with their best friend. Most importantly, make sure she has fun. This is her Sweet 16, her special day; make sure she has an amazing experience.