Money Making Games at a Bachelorette Party

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Money-making bachelorette party games may be embarrassing for the bride-to-be, but they're entertaining for the bridal party and can be quite profitable. These money-making ideas are inexpensive and easy to assemble. You can choose to use one idea or all three. Most bachelorette parties last several hours, which allows plenty of time to play many games.



Purchase a white T-shirt and, in black marker, write on the front "suck-for-a-buck." Purchase bite-size, colorful Lifesaver candies. Stick candies all over the shirt by either lightly moistening them and sticking them to the shirt, or by sewing each one on the T-shirt. Bring the T-shirt with you to the party location of choice. Most brides-to-be prefer to wear their own outfit to the party. Once the games begin, ask the bride to put on the T-shirt. She will have to go around the bar and ask men or women to suck candies off her shirt for a dollar. Placing candies in strategic areas will make for a more entertaining game!


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Candy Necklace

Purchase a candy necklace from a candy store. Either have the bride-to-be wear this necklace all night or for a portion of the evening. She must go up to strangers and ask if they will bite off a piece of her necklace for a dollar. You can do this along with the suck-for-a-buck T-shirt. Candy bracelets can also be purchased for a more-reserved bride-to-be.


Blow Pop Bouquet

Go to your grocery store or candy store, and purchase 50 Blow Pops. Get two rubber bands, and twist each around 25 Blow Pops. Buy some thick, satin ribbon at your local craft store to tie around the rubber bands. Take these two "bouquets" to the party location. Tell the bride-to-be that she has to go up to strangers and say "blow for dough." This is when she offers them a Blow Pop in exchange for a dollar. This game is completely embarrassing and profitable.


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