Adult Birthday Party Activities

Birthday parties bring friends and family together to celebrate a person's special day. Those hosting adult birthday parties can come up with many ideas for fun birthday games and activities that are appropriate for adults. Birthday party games help the guests to interact with each other and provide a way to keep everyone entertained during the celebration.

Wine Tasting

An activity for an adult party that adds class and sophistication is a wine tasting. This activity can take place during or after a dinner. The host will need to prepare six to eight wine samples for the guests. Hosts can hire a professional wine expert to host this activity, but it is not necessary. To save money the host can provide each guest with a list of criteria that will help them to study the wine and learn about its flavor. Wine selections can range from inexpensive to mid-priced bottles.

When alcohol is served at a birthday party, the host must remind guests to have a designated driver take them home.

Classic Games

Classic games at a birthday party can bring a bit of nostalgia to the guests and the guest of honor. Any classic game can work. Pictionary, Charades, and Two Truths and a Lie are just some of the classic games that work well to keep guests entertained and interacting with each other during a birthday party celebration. These games also cost little to nothing to set up for those working with a tight party budget.

If the party budget is a little bigger, the host can create a full theme out of classic games by providing the most-popular party games of the decade when the guest of honor was born. This type of theme works well for those who are celebrating their 40th, 50th or 60th birthday parties.

Murder Mystery

One way to get every birthday party guest involved is to turn the party into a murder-mystery game. The host and a few selected guests can serve as the victims throughout the night. It is the job of the other guests to figure out who the murderer is and his motive.

The host will need to prepare a story in advance of the party. The story will include clues to lead the guests to the final conclusion as well as some clues that can throw them off the track. Fake weapons or physical clues should be planted around the party area so guests can find and study the clues. It is a good idea to have one of the guests serve as the cop or referee in the story. A murder-mystery theme also provides plenty of time for the party to continue with dinner and birthday cake.