Sleepover Games for 2

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Sleepover Pals

If your little girl is having her best friend over for a sleepover, you will want to ensure that they have games to play in order to keep the night fun and interesting. This will help them to enjoy themselves and to stay out of mischief in case they get bored.



Gather several packages of paperclips and spread them out on the table. Set the clock for 15 minutes and see who can create the longest paperclip chain. Many young girls will save the paperclip chains made at sleepovers and wear them as necklaces commemorating the experience.


Video of the Day


To play a game of Hen, hold a marker between your toes and try to write a word or sentence as legibly as possible. The girls can take turns trying to transcribe a story by foot. Be sure to take photos of the process and finished project, as they would make a nice addition to a childhood scrapbook.


Toe Races

Each girl sits on the floor with a plate to the left of her left food and another plate to the right of her right foot. Between her feet are 10 walnuts. The object of the game is to use the left foot to get half of the walnuts onto the left plate, and then use the right foot to do the same. Use a stopwatch to see who can complete the task in the shortest amount of time.



Checkers is a classic board game that uses two players who try to capture the opponent's game pieces. Whoever runs out of game pieces first loses. The girls can play checkers using Skittles as prizes for the girl who wins each round of the game.


Mirror-Free Makeover

Both girls sit down in a room with their makeup bags but without any mirrors. Set the clock for 10 minutes and ask the girls to put on their makeup without using a mirror. When time is up, see who was able to do the best job.


Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare is a sleepover classic that many young girls enjoy playing. One girl asks the other, "Truth or Dare?" The girl will then respond by asking for either a truth or a dare. If she chooses a truth, she is asked a personal question that she has to answer honestly. If she chooses a dare, then she must fulfill a dare of the other girl's request.



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