Coed Teen Birthday Party Ideas for 13 Year Olds

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When your child turns 13, you want to give him a party befitting the momentous occasion it marks in his life. Given his age, there is a good chance his friends includes females. Because of this, you may need to consider having a coed birthday party for him. Though the thought may be a bit harrowing, there are a variety of ways this can be done without worrying yourself into a parental frenzy.


Have a Dance

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There is no better way to coral a group of coeds than to rent a hall and have a dance. Make sure you have plenty of chaperones, one or two near each door or private area, and then stand back, relax and allow the teens to dance the night away. Hire the coolest DJ in town who is familiar with your teen's favorite music. Decorate the room with a disco ball and some strobe lights, and finish it off with a balloon arch or two. Finally, set up a table filled with snacks like chips, dip, pizza and soda, and you have yourself a recipe for a successful coed birthday party for your teen.

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Plan a Costume Party

This is a fun way for our teen to celebrate his party, as all his guests attempt to guess the true identity of one another. First have you teen choose a theme. It can be based on his favorite movie, such as the Harry Potter series or the hit "Twilight." This gives his guests plenty of costumes to choose from, such as Harry Potter himself, Ron Weasley or the gentle giant Hagrid. To add to the authenticity, decorate your home to resemble Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizadry. If choosing Twilight, pick a specific scene in the movie as a guide for decorating: One option as can be the end when Edward comes to save Bella at the Ballet studio. Guests can come dressed as Edward, Bella, the villain James, or another member of the Cullen family such as Alice, Emmit or Jasper. Not only can the guests dress as these characters, they can have fun recreating scenes from these movies as well. Be sure you have enough chaperones on hand; you can ask some of the kids' parents if they would like to attend the party to help you with this. Toward the end of the evening, have a costume contest and give a McDonald's gift card to the winner.


Have a Pool Party

If your teen's birthday falls during the summer months, have a pool party for him. This is perfect for a coed party because it takes place during the daytime in your backyard. All they have to bring is a swim suit and a towel, and if you want to limit temptation, specify that only one-piece bathing suits are allowed. The day of the party, wire your stereo speakers outside so the kids can enjoy music while they swim. While waiting for the guests to arrive, prepare salads like potato and macaroni to accompany the burgers and hot dogs you'll be grilling. Rather than the traditional birthday cake, buy a watermelon and cut it into slices or cubes.



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