Motion Sensor Light Instructions

Installing a motion sensor is one of the smartest home projects you can work on that will protect your property. The motion sensor works by alerting you with lights when a person, animal or other object gets close to your house. The motion sensor also will help to light your path at night when you come home from work. Do it yourself motion sensor installation requires that you have the proper materials and tools. Motion sensor light instructions will make the job easier.

Tools Needed

To install a motion sensor, there are some tools you will have to have and some tools you will want to have. The necessary tools include needlenose pliers, wire strippers, screwdriver and voltage tester. Some additional materials that would make installation easier include wire nuts, electrical tape and silicone sealant.

Install the Light Fixture

To install a new light fixture to be used with a pre-wired sensor, turn the power off to the circuit you are working on. Remove bulbs from the current fixture. With a screwdriver, remove the bolts that hold the light fixture to the box. While the fixture is dangling by wires, use the voltage tester to make sure the power is still turned off. Hold the fixture with one hand while you separate the wires and unscrew the wire nuts with your other hand. You should have one white and one black wire. Take down the old fixture.

Install the Motion Sensor

Pre-wired motion sensors with light fixtures can be installed like regular light fixtures. If the fixture needs a mounting bracket, it should be included with one and with instructions on how to mount it. With the needlenose pliers, cut the weathered part of the exposed wires in the box. With the wire strippers, cut away about 3/8 inches of insulation off the wires. Line the black fixture wire up with the black box wire, and use the needlenose pliers to twist them together. Cover them with a wire nut, and then repeat the procedure with the white wires. Cut off a three-inch piece of electrical tape, and wrap it tightly around where the wire nut meets the wires. Gently place the wires back in the box. Use the bolts supplied to connect the fixture in the box. Install new bulbs, and then turn the power on. The lights will turn on and stay lit for a few minutes. After they go out, set the sensor sensitivity with the dial on the side. Select how long you would like the light to stay lit when the motion sensor is activated.

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