Instructions for Motion Sensor Light Control Switches

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A motion sensor light control switch turns on the light in an area once it senses motion. You can override the motion control on the light switch by physically turning the off and on levers. Once the switch senses motion, the light remains on for a specific length of time as determined by the motion switch setting. Install a motion switch in areas such as hallways, living rooms and bedrooms. Motion sensor light switches are also convenient in the bathroom when you have small children who get up in the evening to use the restroom.


Things You'll Need

  • Single Rocker Switch Wall Plate

  • Orange Wire Connectors

  • Phillips Or Slotted Screwdriver

  • Red Wire Connectors

Step 1

Turn off the power to your switch box where you intend to install the motion sensor switch.


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Step 2

Twist an orange wire connector onto a black house wire inside the switch box, connecting it with a black wire on the motion switch. Twist another orange connector onto the remaining black house wire inside the switch box connecting it to the remaining black wire on the motion switch.

Step 3

Twist an orange wire connector onto the two white house wires inside the switch box, connecting them together. Twist a red wire connector onto the two bare copper wires inside the switch box, connecting them to the green wire from the motion switch.


Step 4

Attach the motion switch to the switch box at the top and the bottom of the switch with the mounting screws provided with the switch and a screwdriver.

Step 5

Slide a slotted screwdriver under the control panel just below the motion sensor on the light switch. Pry the control panel cover off the light switch to expose the motion sensor switch controls. Use a small screwdriver to set the timer to the desired length of time you want the lights to remain on once the switch senses motion.


Step 6

Set the light level control to the light level sensitivity you desire from dim to bright. This gives you the option of having the motion sensor light come on at any time during the day or night or just in the evening. Snap the control panel cover back onto the motion sensor light switch.

Step 7

Cover the motion switch and electrical box with the single rocker switch wall plate. Turn on the breaker inside the main panel to supply electricity to the motion switch.



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