How to Install Regent MS80 Motion Lights

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Things You'll Need

  • Phillips head screwdriver

  • Silicone caulk

The Regent MS80 is a motion-sensing outdoor security light for illuminating small yards or outside areas. It can be installed on walls or eaves. The MS80 scans for motion and will detect movement up to 60 feet away. The 150-watt halogen bulb turns on when motion is detected and off when motion is no longer detected or after a user-programmable time delay. The MS80 is 8 inches tall, 5 1/2 inches wide and 6 inches deep. It is available in white or bronze color.

Installing The Bulb

Step 1

Remove screws from the lens frame.

Step 2

Use gloves or soft cloth to push halogen bulb into spring-loaded horizontal contacts.

Step 3

Reinstall the lens frame and tighten screws.

Installing The Fixture

Step 1

Disconnect electrical power at the fuse or circuit breaker.

Step 2

Align the screw holes on the floodlight cover plate with the screw holes on the electrical junction box.

Step 3

Route the fixture wires through the cover-plate gasket and place the gasket on the cover plate.

Step 4

Connect the black electrical wire from the fixture to the black electrical house supply wire using one of the supplied wire nuts. Connect the white electrical wire from the fixture to the white electrical house supply wire using one of the supplied wire nuts.

Step 5

Attach the ground wire from the house to the fixture's copper ground wire using one of the supplied wire nuts. If no house ground wire is available, attach the fixture ground wire to the metal junction box.

Step 6

Mount the fixture to the junction box using two of the provided screws.

Step 7

Apply silicon caulk around the perimeter of the cover plate for a water-resistant seal against rain and moisture.

Step 8

Turn on power at the fuse or breaker box.

Calibrating Motion Detector

Step 1

Set the slide switch on the bottom of the unit to "Test." Set the sensitivity dial to the center position. Allow the fixture to warm up for 90 seconds.

Step 2

Aim sensor head at the desired detection zone. Walk through the detection zone at the most distant point at you which you want to detect motion. Adjust sensitivity dial until detector turns on at that point.

Step 3

Move the slide switch from "Test" to "4 Min" or "12 Min" to enter the AUTO mode and set the time delay for the light to remain on after motion is detected. In the AUTO mode, lights will automatically become operative at dusk and deactivate at dawn.