45th Birthday Party Ideas

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Most people consider the fortieth birthday party to be the big milestone event. The forty-fifth birthday party can be just as spectacular. It is a time to celebrate life and have a good time with friends and family. Planning one of these events requires a good imagination and a flair for party planning.


Back to Youth

A great theme for a forty-fifth birthday party is one that celebrates the birthday boy or girl's youth. Decorate the location with décor that was popular during the guest of honor's youth. All of the guests can dress in the fashions of the era as well. Play the music that was popular during that time and make it a night of nostalgia and celebration.


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Hobby Themed Parties

When you know the guest of honor well, you will have plenty of choices for this type of party. An avid golfer will love a golf-themed birthday celebration for their forty-fifth birthday party. The cake can be a giant golf ball and make party favors with tees and golf balls. This can be done with virtually any hobby or interest. Imagine a party for a jazz fan that is decorated to look like a jazz club with all of his or her favorite music playing all night. You could even pipe in smoke to give the party that smoky jazz club feel. Take a hobby or passion of the guest of honor and run with it for the forty-fifth birthday party.


Elegant Dinner Party

Some people just prefer an elegant dinner for a few friends as a celebration for their forty-fifth birthday party. Plan to have the meal catered from his or her favorite restaurant for a spectacular meal on this birthday celebration. For this type of celebration, the décor should be kept low key and elegant. Silly hats and noisemakers would not be appropriate at this type of celebration. Beautiful crystal, a tasteful cake and good company is all that is needed for this type of party.


Over the Hill Birthday Party

One popular choice for a forty-fifth birthday party is the over-the-hill theme. Only attempt this theme for a birthday party if the person has a good sense of humor about his or her age. An over-the-hill party has many opportunities to chide the guest of honor about their age. Everything from the gifts to the decorations can remind him or her that they are no longer a young person. Canes, denture adhesive, black balloons and other items that joke about getting older are appropriate for this party. This is a common theme for over forty parties and your invitations should let the guests know the theme so that they can participate in the joke. These are just a few of the themes that you can use for a forty-fifth birthday party. The most important factor to consider when planning a birthday party is what the guest of honor would like at their party. With this information, you cannot go wrong.



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