Thanksgiving Party Ideas for Adults

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Thanksgiving is the time of year when people come together in gratefulness for everything that they have been given. While most Thanksgiving parties are events for all ages, from time to time, adult parties can occur. Planning ahead for such celebrations will ensure that you an amazing holiday celebration with your friends and family, so you want to make sure that you have a solid game plan for your party. Deciding on what theme you wish to implement and knowing exactly how to do so are crucial to having the event go as planned.


Formal Party

For a formal party, send out invitations that require your guests to RSVP. Make sure the invitations note that the party will require formal attire. Go with decorations that are modern and artsy, and rely upon gourmet recipes to make your dishes. Set a formal table with nice dinnerware and don't overdo it with main dishes. Keep it simple, yet elegant. A nice selection of fine wines and beers are a must. Dim the lights and use plenty of candles to make this day special. Play a recording of a symphony orchestra as background music.


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The Ultimate Share-a-Thon

Sharing the burden of the dinner means far less time preparing food on your part. Think of these parties as a potluck dinner; guests are assigned a specific dish to bring to the party. You can focus on one or two main dishes and not have to fret over cooking a nine-course meal on your own. You should roast the turkey yourself, but for dishes like potatoes, yams, green bean casserole and pies, simple dish assignments on the invitation cards will truly lighten your holiday load. You can choose whether you want the event to be formal or casual. Decorations can be simple or extravagant. What's important is giving thanks together with your friends and family for everything that you have.


Big Game Thanksgiving Party

There are several very large and well-advertised Thanksgiving Day college football games on TV. If you are planning on a big game party, make sure that you get all of your cooking done earlier in the day. Finish food preparation the day before so all you have to do is cook on the big day. Plan your event around your game's kickoff time. Avoid eating dinner during the game so you can enjoy interacting with your guests. If you eat dinner an hour beforehand, you can enjoy the game with a cold beer.


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