39th Birthday Party Ideas

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By the time a person reaches 39, she may have parents, children and even grandchildren who wish to throw her a party to mark the event. But what kind of party is appropriate for a 39-year-old? While for some 39 is just a number, others are sensitive to their advancing years. Therefore, the theme of the party is very important. Here are a few suggestions for party themes that everyone can enjoy.


This is Your Life

The birthday is a chance to reflect back on what has come before and look forward to the future. A celebration of the guest of honor's life includes photos of the party recipient from throughout his life. Build a book that reads like a life history. You can also present these photos on a PowerPoint presentation set to music. Through the course of the party, introduce people from the guest of honor's past to reminisce about special memories. If possible, find a newspaper from the week or day that the guest of honor was born to present to him as a keepsake.


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Retro Parties

Two very popular party themes for persons turning 39 are late 1960's/early 1970's themed parties (the time period the guest of honor was born) and 1980's parties (the decade of their teen years). For each of these parties, encourage guests to dress in appropriate costumes from the time period. Decorations can include albums and trivia notes printed on paper and taped to the wall. For 60s-themed parties, you can play music from the era. Eighties-themed parties can include music videos playing on a television set in the background. You may consider hiring tribute bands that specialize in singers from the era such as The Beatles and the Rolling Stones from the 60s, or Billy Idol, Madonna or Prince from the 80s. Games can include Jeopardy or the 1980s edition of Trivial Pursuit.


Charity Party

When money is tight, you can still throw a party and raise money for a good cause as well by holding a charity party. To do this, invite guests with the stipulation that instead of a gift, they bring a donation to a specific charity. Some venues, party entertainers and caterers will agree to provide their services either for free or at a reduced rate to help out the charity. However, you should be sure to get clearance from the charity that you are donating to before using its name to solicit donations from various vendors.


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