40th Birthday Prank Ideas

Your friend or family member's 40th birthday is the perfect time to pull hilarious pranks and create amusing gag gifts to lighten the mood on this milestone birthday.

Signs and Banners

Announce to the neighborhood that Barbra is 40 today! You can purchase a personalized sign online or add that homemade touch by buying large poster board and using your artistic side to make the sign extra funny.

If you really want to play off of "old age," you could cut out tombstones and place them throughout the front yard. Create a mini-graveyard and make each tomb inscription something funny about growing older.

For added shock value, install your graveyard at night so that when the intended victim leaves the house in the morning for work he or she may do a double take when passing the front yard.

Singing Telegram

Singing telegrams are a great way to prank your 40th birthday boy or girl. There's nothing more embarrassing than having "Happy Birthday" sung to you by a large bunny.

To make the delivery extra funny, schedule the "gift" to be delivered during work. You may want to clear this idea with the boss first.

Find a persona or character that would mean the most to your friend or family member. For example, having your birthday greeting delivered by Elvis may very well be the most memorable day for the guest of honor and everyone at work.

Gag Gifts

What says "old age" more than adult diapers and wrinkle cream? Fill a basket with items for the elderly to give to the new 40-year-old.

You could even include a business card from a local plastic surgeon, hair dye, corn or bunion remover and an AARP card. If you want to go all out, pick up a walker or a cane for added effect.

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