College Graduation Party Program Ideas

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Graduating from college is an important accomplishment, and a great way to reward a graduate for all her hard work is with a party in her honor. The program for a college graduation party should outline the activities planned as well as show that the guest of honor will be the center of attention.


Look and Feel

The look and feel of the program should reflect the theme of the party. Most stationary stores sell paper that has been decorated with caps and gowns and have the class year printed on them.


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If you're going to theme the party according to the graduate's major, you'll want the program to reflect that. If the graduate is an English major, you could make the program out of a scroll or parchment paper, resembling an old book. Or, if the graduate is a business major, you could cut the program into the shape of a briefcase or a business suit.


Recognize the Graduate

The best way to show the college graduate how proud you are is to begin the program with a letter to him. The letter can be from one person or several people who were very close to him during his college years. Use a different font or color to separate the letter from the rest of the program.


Outline the Activities

The activities that are taking place at the party should be listed in the program, in the order that they're taking place. Being vague about the activities allows you flexibility. For example, if you know you will be having a game with prizes, but you don't know exactly what games you will be playing yet, you can simply write "games and prizes" on the program and decide on the details later. Being specific about activities will give the guests a better idea of what to expect. For example, if you're toasting the graduate before dinner, you will probably want to list the guests who have speeches planned under "toasting" in the program.


Thanking the Guests

The program is the perfect place to thank the guests. On the back cover, simply print a note that says how much the guests mean to the graduate and thank them for being at the party. This will make the guests feel special and allow them to have the program as a keepsake.



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