Decorating Ideas for Covering a Fuse Box

Unsightly Fuse Box

That unsightly fuse box on the basement wall could use a makeover, especially if you've finished the basement. You can dress up a fuse box using decorative techniques that hide the box without making it difficult to access when needed.

The Fuse Box

Fuse boxes come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The older ones are uncovered and may have visible cables and wires as well as switches. Boxes vary in size depending on how large the houses are and how many rooms are in them.

If you choose to cover it with something, make sure it's easy to move aside when fuses need tripping or changing.

Fuse Boxes With Covers

An exposed box is less attractive than a box with a lid, but that gray metal door is not decorative. The door is metal so it's perfect for magnets. Turn it into a message center where you can post notes, photos, and the kids' artwork.

A dry erase board with magnets on the back adheres nicely to the metal door of a fuse box. Keep dry erase markers handy and write quick messages to yourself or for the family.

The artistically inclined might want to paint something whimsical directly on the metal door using acrylic paint.

Exposed Fuses

Covering an exposed fuse box not only improves the way it looks, it also protects the fuses inside. If you have a smaller fuse box, you can cover it with a medicine cabinet that has its back removed. Simply mount the backless cabinet over the box. The mirrored door swings out easily to allow full access to the fuses inside.

Hang a picture or mirror over a fuse box, or cover it with a calendar. Blinds or curtains or artistic tapestries make a decorative disguise that can be easily drawn aside for full access.

Mount a sliding corkboard or blackboard over the fuse box to hide it while turning it into a functional message center. If the fuse box is long and wide, you can camouflage it with a tall folding screen.