Crazy Games to Play

Parties are more fun when people interact. Since what holds true for kids holds true for adults, next time you have friends over for cocktails and a little socializing, why not throw in some wacky twists on the Victorian-era concept of "parlor games" and let the inner child come out. Here are some crazy games to play at your next party, and they're all truly evergreen--no need for a special occasion like a wedding shower or a bachelor party.

For the Edgy Party Guests

Would You Rather This can get as crazy as you like, but make sure you don't offend anyone! Form a circle and pick a "starter." This person will then pose two difficult choices, and everyone has to answer. Start with the person to the starter's left and go clockwise. Sample question: "Would you rather spend the night in a cemetery, wearing only your underwear, or eat a loaf of month-old bread that's green, yellow and gray?" The questions likely will get crazier and, uh, more personal as the night goes on.

Marry, Date or Kill Again, a circle. The starter names three acquaintances who are not at the party, and then asks the other guests which one they'd marry, which one they'd date and which one they'd kill (not literally!), with the stipulation that everyone has to answer and use up all three choices, but only once.

Other Adult Party Games

The following five games are all from the Party Games Etc. website, a helpful guide that has sections for all sorts of theme parties, for both kids and adults. All five are from the Adult Party Games section.

Apple Everyone breaks into pairs, and each pair balances an apple between their foreheads. The music starts and everyone's told to dance. The tempo quickens. The object of the game is to not drop the apple.

Competition for Ladies Ladies are blindfolded, spun around and asked to see if they can recognize their husband or boyfriend simply by feeling his hands.

On a Desert Island This one's for two or more couples. Each couple is given a large sheet of paper and told to lay the paper on the floor. Then, they are told to imagine the paper is an island surrounded by water, and to save themselves they must stay on the island. The sheet is then folded in two, then in two again, and again. The first couple to stumble into the water loses the game.

Sniper Tie a string about 18 inches long with an apple on one end to each person's belt. Hang a plank with a nail on the wall, about waist high. The object of the game is to pin the apple on the nail without using any hands.

Tippler Pour a bottle or two of white wine into a punch bowl. Pass around wine glasses and teaspoons, one per player. The object of the game is to fill the wine glass using only the teaspoon. The winner gets to propose a toast and drink the wine.