Games for 12-Year-Old Girls

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Twelve-year-old girls might be a bit self-conscious or shy at times, but when you get a group of them together to have fun they can really let loose. Provide some games that will spark their creativity by focusing on topics they are interested in or challenging them to solve a mystery.


GuessThe Pose

Choose a player to step away out of sight and hearing of the other players. While the chosen player is gone, the other girls decide together how they want her to pose when she comes back. It may be posing with both hands above her head and standing on one foot, or it may be standing with her arms behind her back and her legs crossed. There are many different poses the girls can choose. After the pose has been decided, the chosen girl comes back to the group and begins moving in various ways and into different poses. As she moves, the other girls cheer if she moves herself into positions that resemble the chosen pose or they stay quiet if she moves herself into positions that do not resemble the chosen pose. As the girl pays attention to the clues she is given, she will hopefully be able to deduce the chosen pose.


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Pop Star Guessing

Have the girls write down the names of their favorite pop celebrities onto small slips of paper. Each girl should write down approximately ten names. Place all of the papers into a large hat and mix them up. Divide the girls into two teams. A player from one team draws a slip of paper and reads the name privately. Set a timer for two minutes. The teammates begin to ask questions to figure out the name on the paper. The questions must be yes-or-no questions. If the name is guessed before the time is up, the player chooses another paper and the guessing continues until the time has elapsed. The play passes to the other team when the time is up. As the guessing passes back and forth between the teams, a new player picks a name each time. Keep track of the number of correct guesses for each team.


Who's On My Back?

Cut out one celebrity picture for each party guest. Place a piece of double-sided tape on the back of each picture. Affix a picture to the back of each girl without the girl knowing who is in the picture. Each girl must try to figure out who's picture is on her back by asking yes-or-no questions of the other girls. Award small prizes for the first two girls who guess correctly.