Hints for Attaching Feathers to a Masquerade Mask

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Masquerade masks can be a fun way to add a little mystery to your next costume or party. Masks can be extravagant or simple and come in all colors and sizes. Making masks is relatively easy and fun to do as well, and feather design can be one of the most important steps in making a mask.

Design Ahead

Before attaching your feathers, make sure you have a design in mind for color and placement. It helps to draw a picture of what you want, so that you'll have something to follow as you go. Typical feathered masquerade masks have feathers coming out on either side, but feel free to play around and get creative.


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Fan Out

When gluing your feathers, make sure you are gluing them together and not sporadically around the mask. Traditional masquerade mask feathers blossom out from the same point and form somewhat of a fanning look.

Glue on the Back

One way to attach your feathers is gluing them to the backside of your mask. Superglue is a great way to keep your feathers secure, but you can also use heavy duty craft glue found at most craft stores. When gluing, make sure to glue as far away from the eye holes as you can to insure no chemicals get into your eye, and of course, ensure that the glue is dry before wearing your mask.


While you can attach feathers by poking them through the mask from front to back, this method isn't recommended because it allows for zero mistakes. With glue, you can remove any feathers gone wrong, without permanently damaging your mask.


Front Design

Another fun design is to glue your feathers onto the front of your mask and then cover up the point where you have glued them with a pretty costume gem. You can find various fake gems at most craft stores.



For a fun color effect, you can also layer feathers of different colors over one another. Avoid doing any more than three layers of feathers, because your mask might not hold them all, and you could find yourself shedding.



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