Mythical Creatures Birthday Ideas

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Add colorful masks to help enhance your mythical creature theme.

Creating a birthday party can seem like a monstrous task, especially if there is a theme involved. While using a specific theme creates requirements necessary to complete a successful bash, it also gives you guidelines to follow and focus on. As different creatures come from different mythologies and regions of nature, it's important to utilize visual references in order to create a successful themed environment. Use common craft materials and decorative items like holiday lights to create your mythical-themed environment. You can purchase many other useful supplies from your local crafts and costume stores.


Setting Room Tone

Celtic, Medieval and Gothic mythologies contain familiar creatures and stories that have influenced folklore and popular culture around the world. Let these familiar concepts influence the overall feel and design of the room. Use construction paper, cardboard and craft supplies as well as any themed store-bought items to help construct your party theme. Create green plant life as well as numerous colorful flowers. Fake varieties are also available at many craft stores. Use a spray adhesive to add glitter to the objects and give them a magical sparkle. Items that represent nature and fantasy will help bring the theme to life.


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Mythical Creatures

Stick to the theme of a particular mythical animal to simplify the process, though you can use a variety of creatures to make the setting more dynamic. Creatures that lurked in wooden and forested areas included elves, fairies and unicorns. Create cardboard cutouts of figures, paint them, glue on decorations like glitter and beads and display them throughout the room. You can also make elf ears, unicorn horns, fairy wings and animal masks out of cardboard, paper and string for guests to wear at the party. These items can also be purchased at craft and costume stores.


Other Decoration Ideas

Use a variety of techniques and decor to make the event more colorful and memorable. Spray paint pieces of rope green, add paper leaves with glue or tape and drape around the room creating vines. Use strands of tiny holiday LED lights to add to the magical effect of the room. Make tiny fairy wings with colored paper and glitter and then attach them to the cool burning lights with clear tape. Place the lights among plants and hang from the ceiling to create the illusion of fluttering fairies. You can also easily make the theme dark and scary by using a darker color scheme, scary mythical creatures and dry ice.


Themed Snacks and Gift Bags

Create snacks and gift bags that invoke the theme. A traditional Christmas yule log style of cake works well for a nature theme anytime of year. Top cupcakes with colorful frosting in floral designs and also offer healthy snacks like roasted nuts and dried or candied fruits which add to the theme. Gift bags can be made from tiny brown paper bags on which you have drawn a simple wood grain with marker. You can also glue on pieces of colored construction paper to turn each bag into a creature. Fill the bags with a mixture of sweet and healthy, like individual bags of sunflower seeds and animal-shaped gummy candy.


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