Home Remedies to Keep the Dog Off the Lawn

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Dogs love grass.

Dogs love the lawn. They frolic and play on the grass, they dig holes in the yard, and they do their business on the lawn. Dog urine is high in nitrogen, which burns the grass and can inhibit growth. Training your own dog to stay off the lawn is easier than training a visiting dog. A few natural, cost-effective remedies will safely keep dogs off of turf.


Chili Pepper Powder

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Chili powder is a "hot" dog repellent.

Chili powder is a sultry mixture of dried chilies and spices that include oregano, cumin and paprika. The capsicum in the chilies irritates the skin around the nostrils of the dog. Sprinkle liberally on and around areas that are off limits.

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Citrus Duo

Lemon and orange slices placed on problem lawn areas deter dogs.

Slice lemons and oranges to put in the yard and the garden. Dogs do not like this citrus aroma and will not stay around it long. The fruit also provides fertilizer for soil when it decomposes. Place several drops of citrus scented oil in a spray bottle with water as an alternative to sliced fruit.



The sour odor of vinegar is not pleasing to dogs.

White-vinegar-soaked cotton balls is an affordable solution to keep dogs away from your lawn. Place cotton balls around the spots where dogs have previously visited. The sour odor of vinegar is hard for a dog's sensitive nose to take. Do not allow full-strength vinegar to come in contact with plants, as it will kill them.



Dogs will not urinate on a wet lawn.

Water can be a dog deterrent in two different ways. Place bowls of water around the area of the lawn needing protection. Dogs do not like to urinate or defecate around a fresh water source. This concept is similar to placing food or water in a dog's crate. Wet grass will also encourage dogs to find another place to relieve themselves. If dog traffic is predictable, turn a sprinkler on just before arrival time. Motion-detection sprinkler systems can also be installed.



Repellent Plants

Lavender is a sweet-smelling perennial that dogs don't like.

The odor of certain plants offends dogs. Using plants as a lawn barrier is a natural and safe method to keep canines out of the yard. Coleus canina is also referred to as the "pee-off plant." It will deter dogs, cats and foxes from lawns and gardens with an extremely pungent odor. Lavender emits a sweet fragrance that will keep dogs from returning.


Baking Soda

Baking soda will minimize the scent of dog urine.

Dogs like to visit the same place time after time. Baking soda mixed with water will decrease scents, leaving dogs searching for the "go to" spot. Use 1 cup of baking soda with 1 gallon of water and apply to a lawn area twice a week. This combination will also assist in healing dead spots on lawns caused by dog urine.



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