Color Schemes to Match a Caramel Carpet

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Caramel is a suitable shade for a carpet as it brightens and warms the room.

A caramel-colored carpet gives a room hints of gold and brown, warming and brightening the space simultaneously. A caramel-colored carpet goes with a range of colors, but not with all shades. Certain colors, such as purple or orange, when paired with this shade of carpet will make the room look garish and unbalanced.



Because caramel already has hints of honey-colored brown in it, it will match any shade of brown. The carpet will act as a brightening presence for rooms with rich chocolate or coffee colored walls. Alternatively, the light carpet will act as a warming presence for light brown or beige walls. This is a simple way to give a room a very harmonious look.


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Shades of dark red will pair quite nicely with a caramel-colored carpet because the warm tones inherent in the red are evocative of the warm tones already present in the caramel. Dark or very bright reds like cherry or burgundy pair well with the hints of gold palpable in the caramel. Stay away for orange-toned reds as they could too easily give the room a citrus-heavy appearance when paired with the almost yellowish carpet.



Dark greens will contrast nicely against a caramel carpet, bringing out the brownish notes in the caramel. This will give the room an almost earthy look, evocative of being out in the open air, in a forest. Dark green shades like hunter green or evergreen will give the room a regal appearance, yet the gold tones in the carpet will prevent the room from looking too dark or dreary.


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