Stihl Chain Saw 036 Specs

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Stihl manufactures numerous outdoor tools such as hand tools, hedge trimmers and cutters, and a variety of chain saws. The Stihl model 036 chain saw is a popular design used for a variety of typical chain saw related work such as felling trees and cutting lumber. All chain saw models come with range of specifications, and these should be understood in order to properly operate the chain saw.



The Model 036 Engine is a single cylinder, two-stroke design. The engine has an idle speed of 2,500-RPM and a maximum engine (cut-off) speed of 13,500-RPM. Operating speed is controlled by depressing a trigger located on the chainsaw handle. This high-engine speed makes slicing through thick wood an easy task when used properly.


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Ignition System

The Stihl 036 utilizes an electronic magneto–-otherwise known as breakerless–-ignition system. The proper ignition timing ranges from 1.9mm to 2.5mm at 8,000-RPM. The ignition also requires a spark plug thread measuring 14X1.25, 9mm (0.37) inches long.


Fuel and Oil System

The Model 036 utilizes an all-position diaphragm carburetor with an integrated fuel pump for maximum fuel output. The fuel tank is capable of holding 1.32 pints with an oil tank capacity of .68 pints. The saw requires a mixture of fuel and oil. The Stihl 036 also features an automatic reciprocating oil pump for chain lubrication. The oil-pump control is automatic but also features a manual switch for oil control.



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