The Effects of Angel Trumpets

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The seeds of the angel's trumpet are the most toxic part of the plant.

The Angel's trumpet is also known as devil's weed, which makes sense since it can kill you. Angel's trumpet is also called jimsonweed, datura and moonflower. Angel's trumpet grows wild in many parts of the United States and is commonly used as an ornamental plant. Ingestion of the angel's trumpet is known to cause serious adverse effects due to its toxic properties.


Mild Effects

Angel's trumpet is known for its hallucinogenic properties, which leads to its misuse. Adolescents and adults often attempt to experience its hallucinogenic effects by making tea from its seeds and leaves. Ingestion of Angel's trumpet produces symptoms that range from mild to very severe, depending on the part of the plant and amount consumed. Mild symptoms include dry mouth, blurry vision, excessive thirst and dilated pupils. According to, reddening of the skin occurs after ingestion of Angel's trumpet.


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Moderate Effects

Consuming larger amounts of Angel's trumpet will lead to more symptoms of plant poisoning. Moderate effects from Angel's trumpet ingestion include fever, agitation, headache, dizziness and moderate delirium. Memory disturbances are often persistent after ingestion of this toxic plant. The heart begins to work harder, causing blood pressure to elevate and the pulse to become rapid.


Severe Effects

Ingesting Angel's trumpet can have severe consequences. Consuming the leaves and seeds of this plant can lead to severe symptoms of toxicity. Ingesting large amounts of Angel's trumpet also leads to more severe symptoms. Angel's trumpet often causes the bladder and kidneys to stop functioning and can cause the body to fail to make and output urine. Many people experience serious neurological effects such as hallucinations, seizures and coma. The most severe cases of Angel's trumpet poisoning result in death.


Animal Effects

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals states that ingestion of Angel's trumpet may cause adverse health effects in animals as well as humans. Because it contains toxic substances such as hyoscyamine, atropine and scopolamine, it can produce symptoms of plant poisoning in animals. Animals that consumed Angel's trumpet in large quantities may experience serious gastrointestinal, nervous and cardiovascular system symptoms. Keep this plant away from animals to prevent accidental poisoning.



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