Things Made From a Propane Tank

A propane tank is a steel cylinder designed to hold propane gas. Tanks vary in size from small 20-lb. tanks to 300-gallon tanks. While the designers of the tank never had alternative uses in mind, a creative spirit can find a myriad of uses for one. Since they are made of heavy gauge steel, whatever you make will last for years if you keep it out of the elements. For safety's sake, only use new tanks that have never been filled with propane. If you start cutting on a used tank, one little spark could explode the residual propane. You don't want to end your life by not using commonsense safety.

More than one use can be found for a propane tank.


Drummer Dennis Havlena made a drum out of a 20-gallon tank. He simply turned the tank upside down, and identified areas of the bottom (now the top) that produced certain notes. Mr. Havlena states he used a new tank, never filled with propane.

Barbecue Grill

Make a nice barbecue grill out of a new tank. Use your saber saw with a metal blade, and cut out an opening. The part you cut out is the lid. Attach hinges on the lid, and fashion a handle. You will have to become a design engineer and do some layout and design work beforehand.


Use your saber saw with a metal blade, and cut the top off of a new 20-lb. tank. This makes an attractive planter for your deck. If you wish, attach large roller wheels, so it can be moved around. Paint it with durable outdoor paints before filling with dirt, and it should last for years.

Bowls and Bird Baths

The part you cut off the new tank can be made into a bowl or a bird bath. Smooth down the edge with a file, and paint with outdoor paints. Students from Western Washington University make and sell bowls made from propane tanks.