How to Remove Paint Off a Gun Barrel

Never try to remove paint stains from a loaded gun.
Never try to remove paint stains from a loaded gun. (Image: Thinkstock/Comstock/Getty Images)

Do-it-yourselfers often have difficulty removing paint stains without causing unintended damage to underlying surfaces. This isn't a complication if you are removing paint from a gun barrel; metallic gun barrels are durable enough to withstand a considerable amount of duress. Utilize a stripping solvent to thoroughly free your gun barrel from ugly paint stains, Take the proper safety steps before hurrying into this project.

Things You'll Need

  • Canvas drop cloth
  • Plastic putty knife
  • Rubber gloves
  • Lacquer thinner
  • Rags
  • Plastic drop cloth
  • 80-grit sandpaper
  • Steel wool

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Unload the weapon and ensure that the safety is on.

Carry the weapon outdoors, and place it on a canvas drop-cloth.

Remove as much of the paint as possible by scraping it with a flexible-plastic putty knife. A rigid-metal putty knife might cause minor scratches in the metal's finish.

Protect your hands from potential burns by wearing rubber gloves.

Apply lacquer thinner to the gun barrel; use a clean rag. Immediately cover the barrel with a plastic drop-cloth.

Remove the drop cloth after five minutes. Scrape the loosened paint from the barrel. Use the flexible putty knife and coarse sandpaper.

Clean the gun barrel with lacquer thinner and steel wool. Wait ten minutes for the thinner to evaporate.

Tips & Warnings

  • Cover the barrel with a drop cloth. The lacquer thinner might dry before it has an opportunity to loosen the paint.
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