75th Birthday Party Game Ideas

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Create a memorable 75th party for your special someone.

Party games for a 75th birthday game are not mandatory, but they can add an exciting atmosphere to the party. These games help people who don't know each other at the party to make new friends. Get the guests up off their feet and involved in this memorable, milestone party.


Getting Older Memory Game

Place several items on a tray, such as dentures, wrinkle cream, a remote control, a comb, a denture cleaner and a party hat. Bring the tray out and set it in the middle of the room for at least two minutes. Let everyone get a good look at the items and then put the tray away. Give each party guest a sheet of paper and a pen, and tell them to write down as many items as they can remember on the tray. The guest who remembers the most correct items wins the game.


Video of the Day

Remember When

Before the party, create a trivia game about the birthday guest of honor. Write down, "Remember when ___ went to the army" or "Remember when ___**bought a house in the city of_ **." Fill in the blanks in the statements. Make some of the statements false. Each guest will get a piece of paper and a pen. You will read the statements aloud and the guests will write down true or false. The guest with the most correct answers wins the game.


Special Memories

Have the birthday guest of honor sit in a chair in front of all of his party guests. Ask one guest at a time to come up and share a funny, sad or memorable story about him. Guests can share funny stories or special stories. Award a prize to the guest with the funniest, saddest and most special story. Have a video camera ready to record these stories.


Pass That Gift

Purchase several gifts and party favors you would like to give away at the party. Have the party guests sit in a circle. Use over-the-hill gag gifts, lotion gift sets, retail store gift cards, candles and restaurant gift cards. Hand one gift at a time to someone in the circle and play music. While the music is playing, guests must pass the gift around the circle. Whoever has the gift when the music stops gets to keep that gift as a party favor.



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