Toga Party Game Ideas

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Plan some games to keep your Romans on their sandaled toes.

Toga parties have become very popular among college students, especially those who like to attend parties where the main entertainment is drinking. Whether you attend college or not, a toga party needs to have some semblance of organized entertainment. Therefore, try planning some entertaining games fit for any toga-wearing Roman.


Which Roman Am I?

Putting a Roman twist on the classic party game "Who Am I?" prepare for this game by first writing down on separate index cards the names of famous Romans. This can include mythical features such as Jupiter, the Roman god, or real-life Romans like Julius Caesar, a Roman dictator. Once you have enough cards for every player, tape a card to each player's forehead without them seeing the names written on their own cards. After everyone has a card, tell everyone to mingle. They can ask each other only yes or no questions to figure out the names on their cards. Continue playing until everyone has figured out which Roman they have on their foreheads. The player to come up with the correct answer first wins the game.


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Chariot Race

Let your Roman guests' feet take wings as powerful as those of Mercury in this game. Prepare by gathering up some large cardboard boxes. Cut out two opposite sides of each box and decorate them to look like Roman chariots. Colors like dark red and gold work well. Create shoulder straps on the chariots by attaching the ends of two sturdy cords to either end of one empty side of the box. When ready, divide the players into two teams. Line the teams up at one side of the party area and give each team a chariot. The first player in both teams steps into the chariot and holds the chariot from his shoulders using the straps. When you say "go" the first players race to the finish line and back to their teams, handing the chariots off to the next players in their lines. The first team to have all their teammates back in line wins the game.


Still as Roman Statues

Determine the most statuesque of your party guests by playing this game. Start by gathering all of the players to one large room. Pick two of the players to leave the room. As soon as they leave the other players have to position themselves somewhere around the room. After 20 seconds elapses, turn off the lights and bring the two players back into the room and give them a flashlight. The two selected players move around the room trying to either make the statues move by making them laugh or smile, or catch the statues moving. Any statue caught moving gets eliminated from the game. The last statue remaining wins the game.



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