Things to Do on Your 30th Birthday

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Commemorate your 30th year with 30 of your closest friends.
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Turning the big 30 calls for an out-of-the ordinary celebration to mark your foray into full adulthood. Whether you celebrate with a themed bash or on an adventure 30 miles from home, there are a variety of fabulous things to do to create a memorable 30th birthday.


The Star-Studded 30 Club

Host a party that celebrates turning 30 in style by incorporating celebrities into your event that are also reaching this milestone. If your favorite singer just turned 30, play her music and videos at your party. Throw caution to the wind and invite her to your soiree. You could also hire a look-alike or have one of your friends dress up as her for your event. Maybe your favorite actor is also 30, play his movies as a backdrop for your party. Print out a photos of him, use a sharpie to sign his name and frame them to decorate the wall. If you share a birth date with a particular celeb, showcase his music, films or TV show at your glitzy celebration.


Video of the Day

A Vintage Cinema

Host a vintage movie night featuring films from the year that you were born or films from the 1930s. If you were born in 1985 for instance, "The Breakfast Club" and "Back to the Future" were huge hits that year. Films from the 30s that endure include "Hells Angels" and "Platinum Blonde" both starring Jean Harlow. Serve up popcorn and trendy candy from the era. Snickers bars, Hershey's miniatures and Tootsie roll pops, all made their debut in the 30s while Nerds and Sour Patch Kids were introduced in the 80s. For added fun, request that guests come dressed as a character in one of the films you're showcasing.


Do 30 Things

Mark this birthday milestone by spending the day doing 30 things that you love to do, or things that you've always wanted to try. Before your big day, make a list of things to do to make your day special. The list can include items like have a great cup of coffee and read for 30 minutes, treat yourself to a manicure, only listening to music from the year you were born, eat thirty pieces of chocolate. You can take yourself out for lunch to a place you've always wanted try or spend 30 minutes walking along the beach. Then top it off with blowing out 30 candles atop your favorite cake.


Destination Thirty

Celebrate your 30th year by heading somewhere with "30" in the name, or on an adventure 30 miles from home. Book a room for the night at a chic hotel that's 30 minutes away, or make reservations at a restaurant on the 30th floor of a skyscraper. Drive 30 miles to spend the day at the zoo or head to a national or state park for a weekend of camping and canoeing. Lastly, toast your third decade with a glass of champagne at a wine bar with "30" in the name or address.


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