Ideas for Homemade Gag Gifts for a 60th Birthday

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Gag gifts can add humor to a 60th birthday.
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A gag gift can add laughter to a 60th birthday, whether it's given in private or at a party. As you plan, consider how you can play on the trials of old age and the individual characteristics of the birthday boy or girl to create a comical gift. Avoid gifts that might cause hurt feelings; instead, play on stereotypes of old age for a gift that will get a laugh.


Old Lady Starter Kit

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Old lady starter kit.
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For a woman, make an "old lady starter kit." Buy a huge, old-fashioned purse from a thrift store and use it as the base for the gift. Inside, put a variety of items that are stereotypically used by older women. You might include a rain bonnet, a package of peppermints, a large-print version of a magazine or book, a magnifying glass and enormous old spectacles. Cut out coupons for things like adult diapers and laxatives, and include a set of fake false teeth in a case. Choose items that will get a laugh, and stay away from things that might hit too close to home. Label the bag with a big tag that says "Old Lady Starter Kit" so that the birthday girl knows to expect a gag gift, and tie it on with an old head scarf.


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When You Were Born

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For a gag gift that will double as a fun keepsake, make a scrapbook from the year the birthday guy or girl was born. Create a story that runs through the book, focusing on comical comparisons between then and now. You can use a majority of facts, and insert a few pages of blatantly ridiculous errors for the sake of comedy; you might reference crank-start cars, for example, or the days before telephones were invented. Use photos of the person that you can modify for humor. Paste a cut out of an enormous cell phone on a photo from the 1990s, use a photo-editing program to place your subject in an old black and white photo, or put him in the scene at famous moments in history.


Old Age Survival Kit

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An old age survival kit can be customized to suit the individual. Start with a container that will get a laugh: a bedpan, a walker with a basket, or an enormous pill box. Fill it with gag items designed to get a laugh. Label a roll of duct tape with a note that says "instant facelift," put sandpaper in to remove age spots, and include a funnel to help with hearing. Other possible items are a cup for false teeth, large-print playing cards, hair color to eliminate gray hairs, and a fan for hot flashes. For a man, fill an empty pill bottle with purple candies and label it "Viagra." Make a large label for the gift and set it in a prominent place so guests can get a laugh and anticipate what's inside.



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