18th Birthday Gift Ideas for Sons

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Milestone birthdays require special gifts.

Eighteenth birthdays are milestone events requiring special gifts. Put some thought into gifts for your son by finding something that reflects his hobbies and interests. Another thing to consider is that most 18 year olds are heading into college--gifts that will assist with the transition to living away from home will be appreciated. Your son is an adult now, so other options are gifts that will secure his future financially and things that he will need in the job world.


Monetary Gifts

Consider opening a savings account for your son as a gift for his 18th birthday. Deposit a few bucks to get him on the road toward building his fortune. If your son already has his own savings account, make him a cardholder for one of your credit cards. This helps him learn financial responsibility and get him a step closer to building his own credit. Stocks also make great gifts for new adults. Find some stocks that mirror your son's interests and have growth potential. Give him a few shares as a way to welcome him into manhood.


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Practical Gifts

For more practical gifts that your son will be sure to make use of, buy him a laptop or a suit. If your son is college bound, he's going to need a laptop for schoolwork and research. If he's going to live on campus, a laptop provides him with a way to keep in touch. Suits also make great gifts for boys entering the real world. Every man needs a suit, whether it's for a hot date or a job interview. Have your son accompany you for a fitting. Include monogrammed cuff links with your gift for something extra special. If your son is moving away now that he's of age, you may get him linens or appliances for his new home or apartment.


Gifts for Entertainment

If entertainment is more your style, a new television or iPod will do the trick. If your son enjoys video games, buy him a game console. If you're not sure of what to buy your son, get him a gift certificate to an electronics store.


Luxury Gifts

If you want to spring for an extra special gift for your son's 18th birthday, consider sending him on a vacation or buying him a new car. Send him and a good friend on a cruise for a few days or away on a weekend trip. If you can afford a car for your son, find something economical and small for him. When purchasing a car, discuss who will make the monthly payments if it was financed and who will pay for the insurance.



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