Tips on Writing Thank You Notes for 50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

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Thoughtful thank you notes make the gift giver feel appreciated.

Writing a thank you note to those who gave gifts on your 50th wedding anniversary is a thoughtful gesture of appreciation. Although thank you notes are generally short and to the point, many people find it a bit challenging, especially if they have never written a thank you note before. A few helpful guidelines for composing thank you notes will make the process easier.


Choose Your Stationary

There are many different stationary options for thank you notes. Choosing one to match your 50th wedding anniversary theme would be a good choice, but any kind will do. Stick to small notecards instead full sheets of paper. Make sure that your stationary includes envelopes for mailing the notes.


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Plan Before You Write

Before you begin writing your thank you note, think through what you would like to say. Greet the giver by name. Always mention their gift if you can remember. If appropriate, mention that is was a delight to see them at your party, and thank them for coming to share your special occasion. This gives the card a personalized touch and makes the recipient feel appreciated. Keep the note simple but heartfelt. End the note with a warm ending such as "Best Regards" "Love" or any other appropriate ending and sign your name at the end.


Write Neatly

When it's time to write the thank you note be sure to write neatly. Sloppy writing may seem rushed and insincere and may not convey a thankful or thoughtful message. If your writing is not good, enlist the help of someone with neat penmanship. Resist the urge to type up your message on a computer. A handwritten thank you note is always better than a typed one.



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