Limo Party Games

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Turn your next limo ride into a party in itself.

A limo can be used to transport sleepy businessmen to an airport, but it also can be used as the prime location for a party. Your limo party may happen between a trip to the prom or a bachelorette party, or the limo party can be the entire purpose of the night. You can keep your limo party guests entertained with games to keep the night moving.


Truth or Dare

A game like Truth or Dare works in a limo party because your guests have no way to leave the game, no matter how embarrassing the question or the dare becomes. Choose one person to go first and have her ask another guest to choose truth or dare. If the guest picks truth, she must answer any question she is asked. If she picks dare, she must perform a dare such as yelling, "I Love George Clooney," out the limo window, or fitting a handful of candy in her mouth at one time. After answering the question or performing the dare, it is her turn to ask another guest to pick truth or dare.


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Limo Idol

Your friends may have the courage to belt out tunes in their own car, but you can test their resolve by holding an impromptu singing competition in the limo. Create a mix of several songs, both fast tempo and slow ballads. Print out lyrics for the songs and bring sheets of paper and markers to use as score cards. Either have your guests pick a song to sing or force them to sing whichever song comes next in the mix. Have other guests participate in the song if backup singers are needed. At the end of the song, have each guest write down a number from one to 10 for the score. The better the singer, the higher the score. Just be sure to close the divider between your party and the limo driver then open a window or two to make the world your audience.


Scavenger Hunt

If your limo will be stopping at multiple locations, use a scavenger hunt to keep guests on their toes. This will also work if you are traveling a long distance with plenty of time to look out the windows of the limo. Give each guest a sheet with different places or people listed on it, such as "another limo," "a guy in a red car," "road construction" or "a blue door." As the limo travels from spot to spot, the first person to see something from the list and call it out gets a point. The person who spots the most entries on the list is declared the winner.


Never Have I Ever

Similar to a game of Truth or Dare, Never Have I Ever asks guests to reveal embarrassing secrets. The game can be played at both a grownup party and a limo taking kids to prom. In the adult version, someone states that they have never done something such as gotten pulled over or cheated on a test. Anyone who has done the deed must take a sip of her drink. In the kid version, everyone starts out with 10 points and each time they have done something they lose a point. The last person standing is declared the winner.


Party Trivia

Create a trivia game based around the event you are going to be attending. If you are going to a prom, have each guest bring five questions about the night such as, "What was my first color choice for a dress?" Take turns asking questions and awarding points based on correct answers. You can adapt this to a bachelor or bachelorette party by making all the questions about the guest of honor.



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