Passion Party Game Ideas

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Gather your girlfriends for a Passion Party to play games.

Passion Parties is a home-based sales business selling adult toys and other racy items to enhance a sexual relationship. During one of these parties, a Passion Party consultant comes to the host's home and presents her products in front of female party guests. To enhance the product presentation and to make the event fun, games are often part of the entertainment. Because Passion Parties sells adult products, these games typically revolve around an erotic theme.


The Lap Game

Seat the party guests in chairs arranged in a circle. Have the host or the Passion Party consultant stand in the middle and ask sexually-themed questions such as, "Have you ever had sex outdoors?" or "Have you had sex in the last seven days?" If the answer is yes, the guest moves over one seat to her left, even if the seat is occupied. This could result in several guests sitting on top of each other, adding to the fun. The first guest to make it back to her original seat wins the game.


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Condom Queens

To play this game, you'll need bananas, condoms and Passion Party Massage Lotion. Unwrap the condoms and place on the tip of each banana. Do not unroll the condom. Divide the guests into teams, with each team having three or more members. Give each team a banana with a condom. Squirt a small amount of Passion Party Massage Lotion on each guest's hand. After yelling, "Go!", the first team member must unroll the condom on the banana and roll it back up. When she finishes, she passes the banana and condom to the next guest on her team. When all of the team members have had a turn, the team yells, "We are the condom queens!" while waving the banana and condom in the air. The first team to yell this out wins the game.


Suck and Blow

Give each guest a cup, straw and a handful of mini marshmallows. Instruct the guests to suck the mini marshmallows up with the straw and put them in the cup. Give the guests a time limit (one or two minutes work well, but it depends on how many marshmallows you want to give each guest). After time is up, the guest with the most mini marshmallows in her cup wins the game.


Virgin Again

Ask the party guests who would like to have her virginity back. Give each guest who raises her hand a small bowl with a cherry inside. Instruct the guests they'll need to eat the cherries without using their hands. Before yelling "Go," walk around and fill each bowl with whipped cream, making this task more challenging and humorous. The guest who finishes eating her cherry first wins the game.



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