Games for a Little Girl's Tea Party Birthday

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Plan a tea party for your little girl.

When planning your little girl's birthday tea party, include several party games to keep the little ones busy. Let the party guests dress up, put on a little makeup and wear large hats to get in the tea party spirit. Your daughter can add a theme to her tea party such as Teddy Bear Tea, Princess Tea or Strawberry Shortcake Tea to make it her own.


Stack the Sugar Cubes

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Have all girls sit around a table, and place a large platter of sugar cubes on the table. When you say, "go," the girls try to build the tallest sugar cube tower. Set a time limit of two minutes; at the end of time, the girl with the tallest tower wins the game.

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Tea Party Bingo

Cut bingo cards in the shape of teapots. Write random numbers on the bingo cards. Write all the numbers on a sheet of paper, and cut out the numbers into squares. Place the squares with numbers in a large bowl. Give the girls small flower decals or foam cutouts to use as bingo markers. Draw numbers out of the bowl one by one, and let the girls mark the numbers on their cards using their flower decals. The girls try to get all numbers in one row for a bingo. Call out the numbers slowly, and the girl who yells "teapot" (for bingo) first wins the game.


Sugar Cubes and Spoons

Give each player a plastic spoon and a sugar cube. Mark a start line and a finish line about 20 feet apart. Have all the girls line up on the starting line. On "go," the girls race to the finish line holding the sugar cube in the spoon. If the sugar cube falls out, the girl must start over. The first girl to the finish line with her sugar cube still in her spoon wins the game.


Toss the Teabags

Place several teapots on a table. Give each girl five teabags (small enough to fit in the top of the teapot). Have the girls stand behind a line that is about 5 feet away from the teapots. Allow the girls to try to toss the teabags in the teapots. The girl who gets the most teabags in the teapots wins the game.


Tea Party Makeovers

Have each girl get a partner. Put out glitter, nail polish, makeup and accessories on a table. Allow each pair of girls to give one another a makeover. The girls have five minutes each, and the girl who gives the best makeover wins a prize.



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