Indoor Party Games for Adults

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Plan some games for your adult party.

Party games are a great way to keep the conversation and laughs going at your party. While adult guests are probably too old for "pin the tail on the donkey" or "duck duck goose," there are plenty of games that adults can play at indoor parties. Explore some of the many options while planning your next party.


Two Truths and a Lie

Find out how well you know your friends.

Play a game that keeps everyone guessing how much they really know their friends or family. Have each person take a turn at telling truths and lies to the group. Each person should share two facts that are true about himself and one lie when it's his turn, but he should not reveal which fact is the lie. Have the rest of the group take turns guessing which fact is actually a lie. The first person to guess correctly goes next and each winner receives a prize.


Guess Who Said It

Engage in some friendly gossip with your guests. Ask one guest to leave the room and gather the rest of the guests together. Have each guest make a statement to or about the person who left the room. As the host, write the statements on a sheet of paper along with the names of the people who said them. Ask the guest back into the room and read her the statements one-by-one, allowing her to guess who said each. She only has one guess per statement and as soon as she guesses one correctly, the turn is over and the person who's statement was guessed leaves the room next. Once a guest has gone into the other room once, they do not go back, so if their statement is guessed, the next player keeps guessing until he reaches a guest who hasn't yet left the room.


Name That Hum

Play a classic game of Name that Tune with your friends, but with a twist. Pair up in equal teams to make things fair. Make up index cards with song names ahead of time and shuffle them into a stack. Set a timer and have one member of each team draw a card and take turns humming the tune to their team. The team must correctly guess the name of the song. Whichever team guesses the song the fastest wins a point. Once each of the team members has had a chance to hum, add up the points and award the winners.