Fun Interactive Party Games

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Break the ice at your party with some interactive party games.

Planning parties for large groups of people can take a lot of energy, especially when you can't come up with any activities to get your guests interacting with each other. Make your party guests more relaxed and comfortable during the event by playing some interactive party games sure to keep everyone laughing.


Meet and Move

To get all your party guests acquainted, play this game. Begin by seating all the players but one in a horizontal line of chairs. Have one player move to the front of the room and face the seated players. Instruct him to say something about himself to the group. This can include an experience or an interest he has had, such as "I like to collect rocks" or "I've been to Cancun." Immediately after he states this fact, anyone who shares the same interest or experience stands up. If more than one player stands up, they have to exchange chairs. While they do this, the player at the front of the room tries to sit down. The person left standing now has her turn at sharing something about herself. Continue the game until everyone has a turn.


Clothes Pile

Get the players to participate in a relay game from the Party 411 website. Begin by gathering up two piles of clothes, with each pile containing the same types of items. For instance, each pile can have two cardigans, two hats, two scarves and two belts. Then, divide the players into two teams and line them up. Place a clothing pile in front of either team. When you say "Go," the first players in both teams quickly put the clothes on and take the clothes off. They then give the clothes to the next player in line. When one of the teams' last players takes the clothes off, the game ends, and that team wins the game.


Stay Still Statues

Play this game from the website Party Game Central if you really want to make your guests laugh. Start the game at night and pick two players to become the "tour guide" and the "tourist." All other players become the "statues." Position everyone in a large room and turn off all the lights. The statues have 20 seconds while the tour guide counts to situate themselves in whatever position they choose. After the time is up, hand the tour guide a flashlight. He then moves through the room and explains to the tourist the types of statues they see. The statues cannot move as the tourist and tour guide make their way through them. The tour guide and tourist try and get the statues to move or make a sound in any way they choose without touching them. The statues can move as long as the tourist or tour guide do not see them. Eliminate any statues that get caught moving. The last remaining statue wins the game.