Party Kissing Games for Adults

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A smart host always has a few games planned for any party, just to be sure everyone stays entertained. If you're having a few adults over, either as couples or for a singles night, the games may get a little more risque once everyone has had a few drinks. As long as all of your guests are comfortable with participating, introducing one or two kissing games to your party can lead to a lot of fun and socializing.


Guess the Kisser

This party game is for couples, and especially hilarious (not to mention dangerous) when played at co-ed wedding showers. Have a volunteer sit in a chair, and blindfold him or her. All of the other guests who are of the opposite sex line up, each assigned a number, and kiss the volunteer on the cheek (or on the lips), one by one. As they kiss him, another guest announces the kisser's number. When they are finished, the blindfolded volunteer must announce the number of the kisser he \believes was his partner.


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Dangerous Dice

Take a set of dice and cover each with masking tape. On one, use a permanent marker to write different body parts (lips, nose, ear) on each side. On the other, write different kissing actions (lick, kiss, nibble) on each side. Assign each guest a number, then hand the first guest the dangerous dice, as well as a regular set of numbered dice. The guest rolls all four of the dice, then must carry out that kissing action on the person whose number corresponds with the number rolled.


Hot Kisses

All you need for this game is a timer and a bottle of hot sauce. Ask guests to pair up, or for more fun, use a random draw to determine who is paired with whom. Set the timer and have the first pair stand and face one another. Each of them must put a drop of hot sauce on his or her tongue, then start to kiss one another. Time how long the kiss lasts until they break apart. The couple who kiss the longest are the winners.


Icy Kisses

This game is an excellent follow-up to Hot Kisses, when guests will need to cool off. Have guests sit in a circle, alternating boy-girl. Hand one guest an ice cube, which she must hold in her lips. She must pass the ice cube to the lips of the boy next to her–no hands allowed–and he must pass it to the girl next to him, continuing around the circle. As the ice melts, passing it becomes far more challenging. Add a more urgent element by coming up with a dare that the person who last has the melting ice cube in their mouth must do.


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