Hawaiian Party Games for Adults

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Hula dancers at a party

You've picked out a stunning Hawaiian shirt and set up the tiki torches, and the pork is marinating. You've completed most of the finishing touches for your Hawaiian-themed party, but are concerned that there is no entertainment. Not to worry--there are a range of games suitable for adults that fit your luau theme.

Classic Games With Cocktails

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Mix up a batch of your favorite Hawaiian cocktail--mai tais, pina coladas or blue Hawaiians, for example. Offer a nonalcoholic version as well. Fill shot glasses with your chosen cocktail liquid. Organize a limbo, hula hoop or hula dance contest incorporating the drinks. Participants take small sips from the shot glasses and then must complete the challenge holding the almost-full glasses in their mouths. Whoever hulas the longest or limbos the lowest without spilling his drink wins.

Ulu Maika

Ulu maika is a traditional Hawaiian game. According to Activity Connection, participants rolled stones shaped similarly to hockey pucks between two wooden stakes. In your backyard, set up two stakes or posts one foot apart. Paint each stone a different color so the players can keep track of which stones belong to them. Start players 10 feet away from the "goal" and challenge them to roll the stone through the stakes. If the stones are not round ask them to toss the stone instead. Have several rounds during which players toss or roll from increasing distances away from the stakes.

Hawaiian Name Game

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For a crowd of linguists, organize a Hawaiian name game that tests memory skills. Before the party, look up the Hawaiian names of your guests. For example, Samantha is "Kamanaka" and Andrew is "Analu." The Aloha Friends website has a list of Hawaiian name translations. Before the game, tell guests what their Hawaiian names are. Participants stand in a circle. Each guest must say his Hawaiian name and create a distinctive motion, like a hula move or clapping his hands twice. Start the game by saying "Aloha (Hawaiian name)" and imitating that person's motion. That person must say "Aloha (Hawaiian name) and imitate the next person's motion. Once players are warmed up, challenge them to play without hesitation. If it is someone's turn and she pauses for more than two seconds, she is out until the next round.

Steal the Lei

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Steal the Lei is a game recommended by Themed Party Ideas and lasts all night. As guests arrive, give each person a lei to wear around his neck. Once everyone has arrived, tell them their challenge for the night is to steal as many leis as possible. Pick a taboo word of your choice, such as "beer," "bathroom" or "yes." Tell guests that if they hear someone say the taboo word, that they can take his lei.

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