Things to Fill Balloons Up With

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Balloons have many different uses and can hold many different substances.

Balloons are used all the time for many different reasons. Most notably, they are used as decorations for parties. Balloons have many different uses and can hold many different substances. They are mainly used by children and young adults, but offer fun times and other uses for all age groups.


Filling Balloons With Gas

Balloons can be filled with any gas. The most common gas used to fill a balloon is helium, which will make it float. In the animated movie "Up," the house floated due to a large amount of helium-filled balloons. Helium can also be inhaled from balloons to change a person's voice to a very high pitch. Blowing a balloon up with your lungs also fills a balloon with gas. Many gases are flammable and could be harmful if put in a balloon, so caution is advised.


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Filling Balloons With Liquid

Balloons can be filled with many different liquids. The most common liquid used to fill balloons is water. When thrown at different targets, balloons filled with water break apart on impact and get whatever (or whomever) the balloon hits wet. Many games involve balloons filled with liquid.


Hitting people with liquid-filled balloons when they are not expecting it could cause arguments or fights to ensue. When launching liquid-filled balloons from a distance or from a great height, hitting a person could cause injury. Other liquids will have the same general effect as water, but could cause stains or damage.


Filling Balloons With Solids

Balloons can also be filled with solids. A common solid used to fill a balloon is confetti. Confetti balloons are generally used for parties. Many times when filling a balloon with a solid, a gas is also added to make it expand to a larger state than filling it with a solid alone. Promotions have offered prizes or games in the form of helium balloons with money inside. Other solids can be used, but they must be small or slim enough to fit through the balloon's opening.



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