Clean Adult Party Game Ideas

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Party games for adults need not be for "adults only."

Just because you are attending an adults-only party, that doesn't mean the games have to be for "adults only." If you want to throw a party where adults can have fun without fear of offending or embarrassing other guests, you have the option of games that have been played at parties for many decades. Many clean party games have withstood the test of time because they are just plain fun.


Guess the Guest

A clean game that is perfect for a party where not everybody is particularly well acquainted with each other involves handing out a card and pencil to every guest to fill out. Listed on the card are 10 questions that can include anything from favorite color to favorite medieval philosopher, depending on the type of guests you invite. As your guests mingle, they can use the cards as an icebreaker. Before the party ends, place the cards into a container and pick one at random. Recite the answers out loud, and the first person to correctly guess who fits those answers wins a prize.


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One Word at a Time

If you want to have your party guests laughing, a good game is one derived from the world of improv comedy. Have three guests sit in a chair and instruct them to tell a story one word at a time. The first person would start with something like "Fifty," then the second person must immediately follow with a word that makes grammatical sense, such as "hairless," then the third person must follow with something like "gorillas," and then it's back to the first person to continue with something like "skateboarded." The key to fun and laughter with this game is speed, so be sure the guests understand they are expected to come up with their words in less than 10 seconds. A guest who takes longer must be replaced with another guest.


Movie Title Synonyms

If you know your guests are movie fans, this will be a fun game to play. Guests try to figure out the title of famous movies where the title has been rewritten in synonyms. "The Man Who Serves as Sponsor of a Child at a Baptism," for instance, would be correctly guessed as "The Godfather." "Two Less Edicts Than a Dozen," would be correctly guessed as "The Ten Commandments." The more outrageous you can make the movie synonyms, the more enjoyable this game becomes.


The Absent-Minded Guest

The absent-minded guest is a game that requires you to inform your guests to arrive at the party with something missing or out of place. This could range from wearing only one sock or wearing mismatched shoes, to putting lipstick on only one lip. The point of the game is for each guest to keep a list of other guests' absent-minded choices. The one who guesses the most can win a prize at the end of the party, such as a planner or organization software.



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