Soccer Party Game Ideas

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Play soccer or any other soccer-themed game at your next party.

Soccer parties are typically hosted by a coach or parents of a team member at the end of the soccer season. It is a chance for the team and families to get together and have fun after working hard in practice and games throughout the season. Soccer parties are also popular birthday party themes. There are several games to play during a soccer party.


Final Score

Final Score is played while watching a soccer game on TV. Each player guesses the final score of the soccer game. Whoever guesses correctly wins a small prize, like a soccer ball.


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Soccer Blocker

Soccer Blocker is best for larger groups of 10 or more — let's say 11, just like a soccer team. One player, the "soccer blocker," stands in the middle and all the other players stand in a circle around the player. Players from one side of the circle kick the ball through the circle and away from the soccer blocker. If the soccer blocker stops the ball, the player who kicked the ball takes the spot in the middle.


Balloon Heads

To play Balloon Heads, inflated balloons are needed, one for each player. The player's goal is to keep the balloon floating in the air with only their heads. The player who keeps the balloon floating for the longest wins. The game helps young players develop their header skills, which can translate to the soccer field.


Yellow Card

Yellow Card is similar to Freeze Tag. One of the players is selected as the tagger, or "referee." The referee is given several yellow sticky notes to tag and freeze the players. Once the players have been frozen, they can only be unfrozen if another player crawls in between their legs. The players must keep the yellow cards, and if any player receives three yellow cards, they are out of the game. The last person standing becomes the next referee.


Soccer Bowling

To play Soccer Bowling, gather some full bottles of water with caps screwed on and place them in a triangle shape similar to how bowling pins are set up. From a distance, have the players kick the balls in an attempt to knock down the water bottles. Keep score just like a bowling game.


Blindfolded Soccer Goal

Draw a large soccer net on some poster board and cut out soccer balls from construction paper. Make a blindfold for the players. Once the players have been blindfolded, they must attempt to pin the soccer ball on the soccer net. If a player pins the soccer ball in the center of the net, they receive one point, and if the player pins the soccer ball in either corner of the net they receive three points. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins.



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