Unique 76th Birthday Party Ideas

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You can create new memories out of old at a loved one's 76th birthday party.

When planning a 76th birthday party for a special person, it can be hard to figure out what to do. There are no traditional gifts or activities for the 76th birthday, as there are for the 75th. With a little bit of creativity, you can make the 76th birthday party a memorable time for everyone.


Use Fake Newspapers

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You can surprise the guest of honor with fake newspapers written on the day of his birth or around his 76th birthday. You can purchase fake newspapers online or in specialty shops. Many websites allow you to upload a photo of the person and generate a fake headline or story. You can write a serious or funny fake news story to celebrate the guest's life.

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Themed Party

You and your guests can revert to childhood for a day with a themed party. Talk show personality Larry King did this in 2009 when he had a western-themed party for his 76th birthday. Guests wore clothes from the western era and he decorated the party locale to match the theme.


Play This is Your Life

Before the party, have guests record messages to the person having a birthday. The messages can be funny or serious. During the party, play each message and have the guest of honor guess who left it. When he guesses correctly, the guest presents him with a prize or a birthday hug or kiss.


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