Naughty or Nice Party Ideas

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Bachelorette party.
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The naughty or nice party is typically associated with a bachelorette party. The ideas behind the party are also appropriate for older teens and adults of various ages. The party typically involves a lighter color and a darker color, such as red and white or black and white, with the two colors representing naughty and nice. Use naughty or nice party ideas for a Valentine's Day event, a pre-wedding party or for any other event you like.


Costume Party

Guests may come in costumes and masks.
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Throw a naughty or nice costume party, informing guests of the event on the invitations. Request that guests come dressed in either a naughty costume or a nice costume. Include a list of potential costume ideas, such as nurse, catholic school girl, devil and angel. Hold an award's ceremony during the party and give out awards for the nicest costume, naughtiest costume, naughtiest couple, best mixed couple or even funniest costume. Print off simple certificates with your home computer or have small trophies made. Keep a few pairs of angel wings and devil horns on hand and place in a box near the front door. Give those to guests who arrive without a costume.


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Naughty or Nice Games

Cream pie.
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Create a mixture of naughty and nice games, alternating the two types of games throughout the night. Use your imagination to come up with the games. For example, a naughty game might involve guests finding creative ways to hit each other with cream pies. Make a nice game from rolls of toilet paper or paper towels. Divide the guests into small teams and let the teams race, to create a dress or mummy costume from the paper. To win, the team must completely cover one member of their team with toilet paper, before the other teams.


Naughty or Nice Decorations

Colorful decorations.
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Mix together a lighter and darker color in making your naughty or nice party. Red and white or black and white are the classic examples. Cut white clouds and white wings from white posterboard and hang on the walls, as your nice side. Use red posterboard and make flames or devil horns, for the naughty side. If you have more space available, create two separate rooms. Make one room the nice side, with white and pastel colored decorations. Turn the other room into a red and black naughty room. Serve food that works with your decorations, such as whipped cream and strawberries and spicy meat kabobs.



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