Birthday Party Activities for a 10 Year Old Boy

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Boys around the age of 10 are sometimes difficult to entertain because they are no longer "little kids" and they aren't yet teenagers either. If you want to throw a successful birthday party for a 10-year-old boy, plan some activities that are suitable to this age group. By engaging the kids who come to the party, you will make the experience more enjoyable for everyone, including the birthday boy.


Mummy Race

This game works especially well for birthday parties that fall close to Halloween. Divide your partygoers into groups of two to four people. Give each group a few roles of toilet paper. Instruct the teams to choose one person to be the "mummy." When you give the signal to begin, the teams race to see which can wrap its mummy from head to toe within a certain time limit. Give the groups three to five minutes to wrap their mummies. When the time is up, let the birthday boy choose which team's mummy is most thoroughly wrapped.


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Gummy Worm Bobbing

This game offers a chilly twist on the traditional bobbing-for-apples activity. Fill a metal tub or similar container with water and ice. Sprinkle in a pack of gummy worms. Have the boys take turns sticking their heads into the icy water to grab a gummy worm with their mouths. Make sure the water isn't too deep, since the gummy worms will sink to the bottom of the container. You can turn this into a competition by giving each player 30 seconds to see how many worms he can retrieve. The player who gets the most worms wins.


Backwards Relay

This activity gives your partygoers a chance to race each other in a non-typical relay game. Set up two obstacle courses before the game. Draw a starting line on the ground with spray paint. Place cones in a line extending from the starting point, being sure to leave about three feet of space between the cones. Use at least 10 cones for each line. Divide the kids into two teams. Explain to the teams that each runner must race through the cones, alternating in and out of the cones in a zig-zag fashion, until he reaches the last cone. When he circles the last cone, he must go back through the cones in the same manner until he comes back to the starting line. Upon crossing the starting line at the end of the course, he tags the next person in line to go. The catch is that everyone must complete the course by running or walking backward. If a cone is knocked over, the person must start over. The first team who moves all of its players through the course successfully, wins.