Valentine Party Ideas & Games for Christian Adults

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Celebrate your love for friends, family and God on Valentine's Day.
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For Christians, Valentine's Day has a special historical significance as a day to celebrate St. Valentine, the Christian saint of love. Christian Valentine's Day parties are opportunities to get together with friends, family and significant others to share your faith, celebrate your love and appreciate one another. Romantic couple's games honor St. Valentine while providing an evening of entertainment for the holiday.


Share Where

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Share Where is a great game for four to six couples.
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This game is great for four to six couples. First, have all the women leave the room and have all the men write down where they went on their first date and where they proposed. Then have the women come back and tell their own versions of their first dates and proposals. Last, compare what the men wrote down to what the women said. It is often funny to see the different sides of this story and it is a great way to get to know your friend's history on Valentine's Day.

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Love Scripture Battle

Have a love scripture battle.
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Divide the guests into two teams. The first team begins by quoting a verse of scripture that contains the word "love." The second team responds by quoting another verse that contains the word, "love." The first team that cannot come up with a verse of scripture loses. If your guests do not know scripture by heart, you can provide bibles for reference or you can modify the game to include quotes from romantic comedies.


Fill in the Blanks

Pick several verses from the bible and type them up.
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Before the party, pick several famous verses from the bible and type them up, replacing key words in the verses with blank lines. Then, challenge guests to fill in the blanks in the verse. You can also turn this into a Mad Lib game. Prepare the verses by filling in the blanks with the appropriate word type, like noun, verb or adverb. Then challenge guests to fill in the blanks.


My Cup Runneth Over

My Cup Runneth Over can be altered to play over the holidays.
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For this game you will need dry rice, pitchers, cups and blindfolds. Blindfold guests and have them pour rice from the pitchers into the cups (one cup and one pitcher per person). The guest that gets the cup the fullest without spilling any rice over the side wins the game. You can even dye the rice red for the holiday by pouring the rice in a bowl and mixing in a drop or two or red food coloring.


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