Quiet Sleepover Games

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Sleepovers can be a party or a common get-together for kids and teens. It's a chance for them to spend quality time with friends while acting young and silly. Since kids tend to stay up late, it's smart to plan a few quiet games and activities they can play while everyone else in the house sleeps. Choose a couple of simple, quiet games ahead of time, so the kids can amuse themselves while you still enjoy a good night's sleep.


Question Ball

Get kids talking quietly with this conversation starter. Inflate a plastic beach ball and write questions all over it. Sit the kids down in a room and instruct them to pass the ball to one another. When someone catches the ball, he must answer the question under his right thumb. Everyone will wait silently for the answers. Questions can be silly, such as "What is the grossest thing your mom has ever made you eat?" Questions may also be serious, such as "What is something you've never told anyone before?"


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Mirrorless Makeover

This game can get quite goofy, so it's good to have a camera around. Give each girl a set of makeup tools and let her give herself a makeover (or make-under) in a set amount of minutes without a mirror. For a make-under, girls make themselves look as hideous as possible. Ideas include over-extending black lipstick, neon green blush, blue eye shadow spots all over the face, unibrow lipstick lines and drawn-on facial hair.


Light As A Feather, Stiff As A Board

This game is based on folklore and ancient legend. Choose one person to be the storyteller and one person to be the levitating body. The levitating body will lie on the ground. The other players will gather around her and place two fingers each under her body. The storyteller creates a fictional tale about how the girl on the floor came to be here. Then everyone chants "light as a feather, stiff as a board" repeatedly, until she rises off the ground. The point is to make people feel like there are spirits with them.


Candy Challenge

This games lets kids laugh at one another while eating candy. Fill a large bowl with colored candies, such as M&Ms or Skittles. Pass the bowl around in a circle. Each player reaches in and picks out two candies with his eyes closed. Keeping his eyes closed, he has to ask if they are the same color and put the candies in his mouth. The others will say "yes" or "no." If the others say yes, he will chew the candies. If the others say no, he will keep the candies in his mouth until the next round, when the bowl comes back around. Play continues until everyone has had a chance to pick two candies of the same color and chew.


Pillowcase Decorating

Let kids decorate their own pillowcase. This can be a sort of craft favor, as well as an enjoyable, quiet activity. Purchase several plain white pillowcases and set up a craft station with puffy paint, glitter, ribbons, glue, rhinestones and fabric markers. Allow kids to be creative and let their imaginations run wild.



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